A seasoned team of molecular spectroscopists and intrapreneurs

The BioSpex solution was developed by a team of photonics experts and molecular spectroscopists with over 50 years of combined experience in laser photonics solutions. Backed by Silicon Valley technical intrapreneurs with successful track record in photonics-based components, analytical instrumentation and medical devices. Key team members have created 12 molecular spectroscopy product lines and garnered 30 plus patents. Innovative systems and product units were sold to more than 25 countries.

The non-invasive glucose monitoring device is working

After more than four years in stealth mode, the company’s Beta prototypes, based on patented technology and designs, are fully functional. A handheld device is being developed as BioSpex stands to gain critical momentum being the first non-invasive glucose monitor receiving FDA 510K approval.


Coming out of stealth

  • Small wearable Device, ‘Grail’ prototype Developed.
  • Perfection of Touchstone device
  • Raise Series A funding
  • Expand R&D team


  • Touchstone device accuracy reached better than 20%-15%
  • Total of 8 U.S. patents granted
  • Touchstone Handheld device built


Technological breakthrough

  • Innovative discovery in Photonic/Spectroscopy
  • Advances in technical process and prototype design
  • Initial verification and validation

Since 2019

  • Conceptual formulation and feasibility reviews
  • Initiated research, design, and development
  • Creation of intrapreneurship